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ANTP - Airsoft natjecanje u taktičkom pucanju

19/6/2013, 15:08 by [M|C] Slammer

Hrvatski airsoft savez (HASS) predstavlja vam pravilnike i samu disciplinu - Airsoft natjecanje u taktičkom pucanju koja će se koristiti kao način i vrsta natjecateljske discipline a u svrhu …

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9/2/2013, 14:11 by [M|C] Slammer

Pa dragi naši EmSijevci...!

Ovom prilikom bih vam izrecitirao jedan HAIKU. *khm khm*... Smile


Došao je i taj DAN,
MadCroats rođenDAN,
kada je osnoVAN
ovaj KLAN!

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New Battlefield 3 patch details

27/11/2012, 09:11 by [M|C] Dux

[M|C] MadCroats - MC Portal Bf3-patch

DICE have released the new Battlefield 3 patch details, which fixes a number of issues and tweaks several weapons and vehicles. The …

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(16.11. - 18.11) Master of all trades, but still N00B

12/11/2012, 13:02 by [M|C] Dux

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New server update balances gunship, adds option to remove minimap

11/10/2012, 07:30 by [M|C] Dux

[M|C] MadCroats - MC Portal Armored-Shield.jpg?v=1349881165

A new server update for Battlefield 3 is rolling out tomorrow …

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Everyday I’m Javelin

12/10/2012, 08:46 by [M|C] Dux

Only in Battlefield honorary mentions

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Borderlands 2 Mechromancer DLC+UPDATE V1.1.0

11/10/2012, 07:47 by [M|C] Dux

[M|C] MadCroats - MC Portal IbqniCZnVzLiA9

Dečki tu imate za skinuti novi DLC za BL2. Međutim još nisu napravili patch koji je potreban za isti. Naravno čim ga naprave javi ću vam.

Dakle samo ga …

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Welcome Medal of Honor to Battlelog

5/10/2012, 11:40 by [M|C] Dux

[M|C] MadCroats - MC Portal Medal-of-honor-warfighter


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Watch the Medal of Honor: Warfighter multiplayer beta livestream

5/10/2012, 11:48 by [M|C] Dux

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5 new Premium Assignments available

2/10/2012, 10:59 by [M|C] Dux

[M|C] MadCroats - MC Portal Battlefield-3-Premium-trailer

5 new Premium exclusive Assignments tied to 5 new weapon camos are now available in the game for all of …

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Otvoren TS3 File Browser kanal

1/10/2012, 11:38 by [M|C] Dux

Za sve članove [M|C]-a otvoren je novi kanal na TS koji se zove [M|C] - File browser!
Više pročitajte na: TS3 kanal

[M|C] MadCroats - MC Portal File-manager

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Odlicna igra, besplatna i ima mp!

28/8/2012, 23:21 by [M|C] Co7


Tko je za, sutra mozemo rokati.

Vrlo jednostavna, a opet vrlo zanimljiva, mjesavina c&c i defense tower igara.


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20/8/2012, 10:17 by [M|C] Slammer

It’s a wrap! GamesCom 2012 is over — see you next year

[M|C] MadCroats - MC Portal Heiner-300x300
72-year old Battlefield player Heiner made our Facebook page …

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New BF3 Server R21 Patch

19/4/2012, 09:34 by [M|C] Slammer

The latest game server update has completed internal QA, and has been sent out to all the RSP companies. They are doing small-scale testing of it during the evening.

If no problems are reported by …

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12 New Features In The Battlefield 3 Patch

29/3/2012, 08:41 by [M|C] Dux

[M|C] MadCroats - MC Portal Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRbF17SLdLbuIowhEeVLdPilyyz22MQzPadrDIFl3tap0tZ740i_76qIJloBA

In the past few months the patch fix-list grew constantly, the patch for PS3 players has landed …

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